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The world is changing.

The old compass points, are no longer always true.

Whilst ICS continues its advocacy work on behalf of the shipping industry with its regulators, including IMO, new technology, meeting our responsibilities to mitigate climate change, and the need to ensure sustainability are driving a revolution in global maritime transport.

Join us and together we can shape the future of shipping.

ICS is the vision and the voice of shipping.

In a time of change, we provide adaptability, resilience, engagement
and strategic leadership.

Representing over 80% of the world’s merchant fleet.

And with equity, the environment and sustainability at the heart of our mission.

90% of global trade is moved by sea

11 billion tonnes of goods are shipped per year

$14 trillion of goods are moved annually by sea

60% of all trade and goods moved by ship go to
empowering and developing the global economy

Our global network of national associations and strategic partners gives ICS a powerful and cohesive voice when engaging with governments and inter-governmental organisations.

We advocate for the industry on all issues of maritime affairs, shipping policy and technical matters.

And we have a proven track record of developing policies in close consultation with members and in co-operation with our partners.

ICS members and partnerships are a vital part of our strength.

Between ICS staff and members, there is a huge range of expertise.
The ICS Board, informed by a network of committees, sub-committees and panels (comprising ICS staff and national association members)
shines a light into all aspects of the shipping world.

The depth and breadth of this knowledge results in ICS involvement
in areas as specific as ILO mmimum wage for seafarers, and as broad
as the development of international shipping policy.

As a member, you have the opportunity to bring your expertise
to ICS decision-making processes.

ICS is setting a course for a zero carbon future and is shaping the future of shipping.

Be a part of the journey.

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Affiliate Members

Entry route for smaller national associations working towards full membership.

Malta International Shipowners Association

Monaco Chamber of Shipping, CMS

NZ Shipping Federation

Associate Members

Smaller national associations or  individual shipping companies in countries where there is no eligible national shipowner association, may be eligible to join ICS as Associate Members. For more information please see the How to join page here or contact us.

Regional Partners

The Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA) and the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA)are Regional Partners with memberships that overlap with ICS and which also comprise national shipowners’ associations. Our relationship is confirmed under a memorandum of understanding.