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ICS is supported by a dedicated professional secretariat based in London. In 2019 the China Liaison Office opened.

The secretariat delivers on the strategy set out by the board. It is split into several specialist teams working closely together to engage with international organisations and members to represent the interests of the shipping industry.

At all times, secretariat staff act in compliance with the guidance on bribery and corruption and competition law, and the secretariat supports a whistleblowing strategy. Secretariat staff also serve as secretaries to the Boards, Committees, Sub-Committees and Panels.

For all press related enquiries please click here or call Katerina Dimitropoulos on +44(0) 7497 363434.

Our organisational structure

Annual Review 2020

The 2020 Annual Review covers the impact of COVID-19 and the intensifying crew change crisis plus a broad cross-section of such as efforts to decarbonise shipping and the USD 5 billion industry fund to accelerate the R&D of zero-carbon technologies.