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Benefits of membership

In joining ICS, your national association contributes to shaping the future of international shipping and influences the positions ICS represents to the regulators and other bodies which impact on shipping. ICS provides a door to the international shipping community – to a wealth of knowledge, experience and an extensive professional network.

Our policy development process is the result of close consultation with our member associations within ICS committees, sub-committees and panels and cooperation with key regional partners and other international trade associations.

We share a common interest in high standards of operation, ship safety, environmental performance, security, maintenance of open markets, and consistent international regulation.

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Representing Shipping: Advocacy and Representation

Shipping is one of the most globalised industries, and so is its regulation. ICS members recognise that national associations, and shipowners who actively participate in the international processes that shape their business environment, help positively influence these developments.

By being a member of ICS, national associations and their shipping company members actively engage in the IMO regulatory process as well as in the regulatory processes at the regional and local level – they play a part in the design of future shipping regulation and guidelines and ensure their interests are properly represented. ICS and its members strive for recognition of the commercial requirements of shipping and the need for operators who meet the required standards to secure an appropriate commercial return, thus providing a reality check for future regulation.

What our members say

As a global industry it is vital for us to be united as shipowners not only at a national level, but even more so at the global level. Our ICS membership is closely linked to this global maritime playing field, whether on the regulatory side at IMO and ILO, or simply staying informed about maritime developments around the world.

The corona pandemic perfectly illustrated the added value of our membership: ICS played a proactive and essential coordinating role, not only informing us members, but putting crew change on the political agenda globally to move both  IMO and its member countries to recognise the issue and aid maritime workers and the whole industry.

Karin Orsel, CEO MF Shipping Group & Board Member KVNR – ICS Board Member

ICS membership benefits include:

  • Representation by a multi-sector, respected industry body representing 80 % of the world merchant fleet.
  • Expert advice on charter party questions, international regulations, port information and other issues related to the shipping industry.
  • Information on market developments and statistics on the world economy, the labour market, emissions.
  • Guidance and best practice on marine and technical, operational, legal, environmental and labour affairs.
  • Exclusive access to information to support both day-to-day operations, requirements and your business strategy.
  • Monthly newsletters circulated via email (from spring 2021).
  • Invitations to ICS events, including seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Discounts on the rates for advertising in all ICS publications and the purchase price of publications.
  • Affiliation to ICS including the opportunity to display the ICS logo on your website and stationery such as business cards, letter templates, banners.

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