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The international shipping industry is coming together with a flagship event, Shaping the Future of Shipping, in Glasgow on Saturday 6th November. The conference will address key strategic issues in shipping’s rapidly evolving decarbonisation journey and will showcase it’s efforts to decarbonise and deliver a sustainable and equitable future for the industry.

The event presents a major opportunity to meet and discuss with government representatives, regulators and policymakers at the negotiations, and to seek the high-level political support needed to ensure progress of the industry’s decarbonisation activities.

The 2021 UNFCCC COP26 meeting in Glasgow is the most important COP meeting to be held since the 2015 meeting  that gave rise to the Paris Agreement. Recent policy announcements from John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have shown there will be a significant focus on the shipping industry.

Shaping the Future of Shipping will…

  • Provide a flagship point of contact for the shipping industry at COP26 to showcase its leadership on decarbonising the industry to the COP26 delegates.
  • Address key strategic issues in shipping’s rapidly evolving decarbonisation journey.
  • Draw in influential stakeholders including high-level policymakers, government and industry representatives, leaders of international organisations and regulators who are attending COP26,
  • Enable influential stakeholders to understand what shipping is doing to improve the sustainability of the industry and to discuss its requirements in terms of regulatory environment, finance and R&D to accelerate the pace of decarbonisation towards net zero.

Outline Programme of Activities – Shaping the Future of Shipping

Saturday 6th November 2021

Opening Keynotes
Panel – The Commitment and Challenge
  •  Setting the scene
  •  Scale, complexity and drivers
  •  Customer dynamics
  •  Initiatives and roadmap
Ministerial Roundtable – The Political Challenge
  •  Market-based measures
  •  Financial incentives for low-carbon fuel development
  •  Public-Private Partnerships to drive innovation
  •  Global solutions for a global industry
Infrastructure Transformation – Equitable Transformation
  •  Energy transformation
  •  Pathway to zero-emission fuels
  •  Competition for fuels
  •  Cross-sectoral collaboration
Financing the Transition – Catalysing Transformation
  •  Financing the 4th Propulsion Revolution
  •  Fostering innovation
  •  New financing models and mechanisms
Closing Ceremony

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