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A Pathway to Greater Diversity in Maritime

Maritime companies that value diversity and inclusion will be able to protect its existing workforce and encourage new talent into the business. This webinar will explore what diversity means to shipping and what more can be done to achieve a more diverse, successful and competitive workforce.

20 October 2022 ICS Event

Shaping the Future of Shipping

In this first discussion since the Shaping the Future of Shipping Summit, ICS and the Asian Shipowners Association bring together distinguished panellists from across the Asia Pacific region to discuss the Summit outcomes and next steps to energy transition for shipping.

27 September 2022 Event

Shaping the Future of Shipping Summit

ICS is welcoming leaders on 21st June 2022 from across the world to a closed door summit to address and create practical solutions for the decarbonisation of the maritime industry.

21 June 2022 Event

ICS Centenary Dinner

The ICS Centenary Dinner is the premier black-tie event that offers the opportunity to network with some of the most influential figures in the global shipping industry as the industry gathers to mark a hundred years of the work of the ICS and to look forward to the exciting and demanding times ahead.

20 June 2022 ICS Event

The Role of Maritime Trade in the Post COVID Recovery – Europe Focus

This webinar provides insights on multilateral trade policy in the post-pandemic world within the context of the European Union. One year on from the publication of the European Commission's Trade Policy Review, calling from Open, Sustainable and Assertive Trade Policy, our speakers will examine the importance of maritime transport services to European economies at the regional, national, civil society and industry levels.

15 February 2022 ICS Event

Next Steps for Shipping’s Decarbonisation Post-COP26

COP26 saw clear commitment from the shipping sector to press ahead with decarbonisation, despite continued uncertainty. This edition of ICS Leadership Insights - the first since COP26 - will consider the next steps the industry is taking on its decarbonisation pathway.

26 January 2022 ICS Event

COP26 – Shaping the Future of Shipping

The international shipping industry is coming together with a flagship event, Shaping the Future of Shipping, in Glasgow on Saturday 6th November.

6 November 2021 ICS Event

The 4th Propulsion Revolution – Commitment and Challenge

Over the past 100 years of shipping, vessels have been powered by sail, coal and oil and gas. Now, in response to the climate crisis, the industry has committed to decarbonise by using more efficient technologies, lower emission fuels and ultimately moving to new zero carbon fuel sources created from renewable energy. Increasing the speed and scale of the transition will be vital. Learn about what is already being done to bring into service zero- and lower-carbon ships and what is needed to increase the pace of this deployment.

19 October 2021 ICS Event