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How to join

We always welcome new members to ICS, as our membership and their expertise is the foundation for all our work, both on the regulatory level and for the publications we produce.

Full Membership

As an association of associations, only national shipowners’ associations are eligible to become Full Members of ICS. Shipping companies that belong to an ICS Full Member are represented on ICS policy making committees via their national shipowner association.

Associate Membership

Smaller national associations may be eligible to join ICS as Associate Members at a lower membership rate.

Where there is no eligible national shipowner association, please contact us.

In exceptional cases, it may be possible for individual shipping companies to join as an Associate Member. This also includes companies related to the shipping industry, such as P&I clubs, oil and/or gas companies, non-commercially operated state-owned companies, shipping agents, shipyards, law firms, shipbrokers, insurance companies, marine suppliers, national authorities, port authorities, classification societies and also consultants can become Associate Members of ICS.

For more information

Please find our articles of association membership criteria and obligations and membership fees below. For more information about joining us, introductory discounts or any other queries you may have, please contact us.

ICS Membership Criteria and Obligations (Updated 13 October 2021)

ICS 2020 Membership Fee Price List

Articles of Association of the International Chamber of Shipping (Last Updated by Special Resolution Passed 13 October 2021)

Rules of the International Chamber of Shipping (Last Updated on 6 June 2013)

Request Membership Letter Guide