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Confederazione Italiana Armatori, Italian Shipowners’ Association CONFITARMA




CONFITARMA, the Italian Confederation of Shipowners, was founded in 1901 and is the main association representing the interests of the Italian shipping industry.


Value of Shipping in Italy

Confitarma within ICS

Confitarma about ICS

Other Affiliations and Memberships


  • Groups together Italian shipping companies and ship-owning groups operating in all sectors of freight and passenger transport, cruises and in auxiliary traffic services.
  • Promotes the development of the Italian merchant navy, within the framework of a policy that enhances maritime transport
  • Protects Italian shipowners companies in relations with institutions and administrations, as well as with economic, political, social and trade union organisations at national, EU and international level.
  • Stipulates trade union and economic agreements, as well as collective labour contracts.
  • Assists members on regulatory, economic, fiscal and social matters, particularly in the areas of development, the environment and energy, infrastructure and logistics, tourism, business culture, the labour market and training.

Value of shipping in Italy

Data from the last Maritime Economy Report prepared by the Federazione del Mare – Italian Maritime Cluster, together with the Censis Foundation, confirm the dynamism of the Italian maritime activities, which contribute to the national Gross Domestic Product with almost 34 billion Euro (2.03%) and employ approximately 2% of the country’s workforce (471thousand people, considering direct and indirect workers).

Confitarma within ICS

ICS in 2017, entrusting one of the vice presidencies to an important member of Confitarma, gave explicit recognition to the work of Confitarma and to the role of the Italian shipping which, despite the long and continuing economic crisis, has been able to cope the difficulties in the maritime markets with courage and determination, maintaining positions of great importance in the world ranking with a young and technologically advanced fleet.

At a time when shipping must face great challenges, especially in the environmental field, it is of fundamental importance to be present in an international forum where maritime strategies are developed, analysing all maritime issues: operational, legal, labour, best practices and development of sustainable maritime transport.

Not to mention that ICS is in contact with most international and intergovernmental institutions, within which decisions are taken which affect the world maritime industry, starting with the IMO.

Confitarma about ICS

“First of all, ICS plays a fundamental work in environmental issues which are at the core of future maritime policies under discussion at European and International forums and in fighting Market restrictions measures and protectionism.

No doubt that the significant improvements in the Industry’s recent environmental performance are mainly resulting from enforcement of the IMO Conventions: in the majority of World markets it is now extremely difficult for sub-standard ships to move avoiding detentions and sanctions.

As ICS represents the world’s shipowners at IMO and other international regulatory fora, Italian shipowners are convinced that ICS can further help shipping companies to be in line with IMO standards giving answers to all maritime issues, not only preserving the interest of the owners, but also of the whole World shipping community.”

Mario Mattioli, President CA.FI.MA & President Confitarma

Other Affiliations and Memberships

Affiliated to Confindustria; Confitarma is directly represented on the National Council for Economics and Employment (CNEL); , is one of the founders and major financial backers of the Federation of the Sea (Italian Maritime Cluster System Federation), which represents the Italian maritime cluster, and of the Italian Institute of Navigation (IIN).

In addition to ICS, Confitarma is a member of

  • ECSA – European Community Shipowners’ Associations,
  • BIMCO – Baltic and International Maritime Council,
  • INTERTANKO – International Association of Independent Tanker Owners,
  • INTERCARGO – International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners,
  • IMEC – International Maritime Employers’ Committee Ltd

and collaborates with the IMO – International Maritime Organization and the ILO – International Labour Organization.