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The Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association, RBSA, proactively looks after the common interests of all shipowners and ships managers established in Belgium and involved in international maritime transport by sea.

The association plays a dynamic role in promoting the sector as attractive employer and gives its members operational support and clarification concerning fiscal, social, environmental and maritime legislation. For this purpose, the RBSA collaborates closely with all relevant national and international parties.


As Belgium’s maritime knowledge centre, the RBSA is determined to play a pioneering role in the sustainable expansion and long-term growth of the sector of maritime transport by sea. In its role of forward-looking opinion maker, the RBSA wants to serve as the ideal discussion partner for all parties concerned.

A representative on the European and world stage

While operating from Antwerp, Belgium, the beating heart of a maritime Europe, the RBSA operates beyond Belgium as well. In Europe, under the umbrella of ECSA (European Community Shipowners’ Associations) and on the world stage, through ICS. Accordingly, Belgium has been an IMO (International Maritime Organization) council member for many years, thus directly involved in shaping and designing maritime transport conventions.

Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council

In 2016 the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association took the initiative to set up a think tank where all stakeholders involved can orient around steps in the decarbonisation pathway.

The vision of the Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council (MIDC) is to bridge the gap between shipowners, charterers, shippers, engine makers, ship builders, fuel producers, the research community, banks and classification societies. This multi-stakeholders platform aims to ensure the development of an evidence-based policy on GHGs that will enable the sector to reduce its GHG emissions in the most cost-effective way.

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