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Asociación Navieros Españoles (ANAVE), the Spanish Shipowners Association, was founded in 1977, its origins coming from an earlier organization, OFICEMA, established in 1952. ANAVE mission is coordinating and defending the interests of Spanish shipping companies.

To fulfil this mission, among other activities, ANAVE maintains regular contacts with the Spanish national administration, the European Union institutions and trade unions and actively participates in various Associations and Organizations at national and international level.

Shipping companies operating merchant ships over 100 GT, regardless of flag, and have a permanent establishment in Spain or that operate vessels registered in Spain can be Full Members of ANAVE. Other natural or legal persons that do not usually operate ships may join ANAVE as Associate Members.

ANAVE produces an annual average of 250 circulars, restricted to its members, on all sorts of subjects related to the shipping sector (new national or European regulations, international conventions, taxation, crews, etc.). In the restricted members area in our website there are also comprehensive repositories of documents, useful for compliance with new international conventions, national legislation or the preparation or onboard inspection among others. ANAVE also elaborates and publishes reports and studies of technical, economic and training nature. The organization of meetings, seminars, technical conferences or courses is also part of our services.

ANAVE makes lobby efforts with the Spanish and EU institutions, which produce indirect benefits to our members, such as the introduction of the tonnage tax system or fiscal rebates for the Canary Islands Special ship register (REC). The Association also provides to its members consulting services in different fields, as for instance:

  • Technical: ANAVE twice a year produces a comprehensive report on Safety and Environmental new regulations (IMO, EU and national) which are presented and debated in meetings with the Spanish Maritime Authority, main Classification Societies and other maritime organisations. In agreement with the Spanish Administration, we also develop and provide to our members models of plans or manuals, in Spanish and English, that will become compulsory under new regulations, such as the Energy Efficiency Management Plan, a tool for calculating the Energy Efficiency Operation Index or the Ballast Water Management Plan.
  • Legal: Members often raise questions about issues such as the application of national rules for maritime cabotage in Spain and other EU countries, port charges or fees for ports services. Counselling is also provided on labour matters, the preparation of appeals to the Spanish authorities or courts for disciplinary proceedings, etc.
  • Press & Media: ANAVE collects and publishes in weekly newsletters news from our members and other maritime sources and produces a monthly bulletin which is distributed in paper to members and also to relevant officials of the maritime and port Administration and to subscribers.

ANAVE is a member of several national and international organizations and has access to their specialized counselling services. In case of not being able to respond with its own resources in legal or technical matters, queries from members can be transferred to these organizations always on a confidential basis.