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The UK Chamber of Shipping is the trade association and voice of the UK shipping industry. We work with Government, parliament, international organisations and others to champion and protect the industry on behalf of our members.

It is our mission to deliver for our members trusted specialist expertise, lobbying and influence at a UK level on maritime issues across national, European and international government and governmental bodies. By combining the strength of our members with this expertise we will advance the competitive strength of the industry ensuring that the UK remains as a leader in the global maritime business.

UK Chamber of Shipping within ICS

The UK Chamber of Shipping is a leading member of the International Chamber of Shipping, the principal international association for merchant ship operators, representing all sectors and trades. We work closely with the ICS on issues of international importance, including reducing emissions, security and safety.

Tackling climate change and reducing emissions from the shipping sector is a top priority for the UK Chamber of Shipping and progress will only be made through international negotiations and agreements. The ICS and IMO have a key role to play in providing the leadership needed to ensure shipping does its bit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Security is another international issue and tackling piracy and ensuring the safety of vessels in international waters is an issue of critical importance for both the Chamber and ICS. As well as increasing security for international shipping, we must make looking after our people a higher priority. The UK Chamber has developed a new Safety Culture Charter to help reduce incidents and accidents at sea and working with the ICS in the coming years we will want to see more being done for those working onboard and ashore.

The shipping industry is changing all the time and the ICS is a vital organisation at the heart of the international shipping regime. It provides strong leadership and brings together associations from across the world to develop new policies and supports the Chamber as we promote and defend the role of shipping across the UK and the wider world.

John Denholm,UK Chamber of Shipping President