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Shipping Policy Principles for Pandemic Recovery

A call to action to governments from the global shipping industry. This manifesto is intended to ensure that, in the best interests of all national economies, the world will continue to have access to efficient and more cost effective maritime services.

June 2022 Reports, Positions and Papers | Free

Progressing port transparency on alternative fuels

As shipowners deal with uncertainty over future fuel availability the World Port Climate Action Programme is developing a new tool to help assist ship operators access more precise and up to date information about where vessels can bunker zero emission fuels in the future

8 June 2022 Article

Joint statement from ECSA and ICS on the current situation in the Persian Gulf

Following the seizure of Greek flagged oil tankers “Delta Poseidon” and “Prudent Warrior” on 27 May 2022, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA) jointly call for a quick and diplomatic resolution in order for the vessels and crew to be released.

1 June 2022 Statement

Faith and Burial for Seafarers

Over the last few years and particularly since the start of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic there has been an increase in cases of shipping companies finding it difficult to repatriate the bodies or ashes of deceased seafarers quickly enough, and in accordance with the religious beliefs and customs of both the deceased seafarer and their next of kin. This guide sets out the core considerations for dealing with a death on board and details common burial practices for some of the world's leading religions.

June 2022 Guidelines | Free

Evolving EU sanctions keep ship owners on alert

Ship operators are braced for further disruption to trading patterns as the European Union targets a sixth round of sanctions against Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

26 May 2022 Article