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ICS statement on the High Seas Treaty

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) welcomes the historic breakthrough in finalising the text the landmark High Seas Treaty agreement achieved at the United Nations (UN) this weekend. Nearly 200 nation States took part in the discussions and while there is still some work to do before the text is officially adopted, the agreement on substance marks the culmination of nearly two decades of work.

7 March 2023 Statement

John Michael Radziwill: Powered by thought

John Michael Radziwill, CEO of shipowner and manager CTM talks about the power of collective knowledge and maps a pathway to greener operations for shipping.

7 March 2023 News Item

The International Chamber of Shipping continues to grow with Luxembourg and Brazil joining the global shipowners’ association

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), which represents over 80% of the world merchant fleet, strengthens national association membership with two new members. The ICS Board has approved FEDIL Shipping, Luxembourg and the Brazilian Association of Cabotage Owners to join as Affiliate Member National Associations. Following the China Shipowner’s Association joining ICS earlier this year, ICS membership now comprises national shipowners’ associations from 41 countries and territories.

3 March 2023 Press Release

Ukraine: 12 months and counting

One calendar year on from the start of the conflict in Ukraine, fierce fighting on land shows no sign of abating.

3 March 2023 News

International Medical Guide for Seafarers and Fishers, First Edition

This modern and practical medical guide from ICS has been written and reviewed by an international group of maritime medical practitioners and experts with many years' experience of working with and training seafarers and fishers. It can be used on board all ships and fishing vessels, anywhere in the world, and in onshore safety departments, medical assistance centres and training institutions who support seafarers and fishers.

March 2023 Guidelines | £225

International Chamber of Shipping and Suez Canal Authority commit to continue open communication

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and Suez Canal Authority (SCA) extend landmark agreement. The extension to the agreement, initially signed in May 2022 ahead of the COP27 meeting and intended to be a year-long commitment, signifies an ongoing commitment to open communication between the ICS and the SCA. The extension of the agreement represents formalisation of dialogue.

1 March 2023 Press Release

Benefits of membership

In joining ICS, your national association contributes to shaping the future of international shipping and influences the positions ICS represents to the regulators and other bodies which impact on shipping.