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ICS Chair

ICS Chairman

The chair is the head of the ICS board and presides over it. He or she is selected from among the Board members and elected by an AGM for an initial term of 2 years.
The ICS Chair holds an honorary position and gives ICS its long-term direction.

Since 2016, Esben Poulsson, Singapore, is Chair of ICS (link to EP page)

The chair’s primary role is to ensure that the ICS Board is effective in its task of setting and implementing ICS direction and strategy.

As the face of ICS, the chair is a high profile individual with extensive experience in the shipping industry and also represents ICS and ICS members at international meetings, conferences and in the media.

Each Chair defines his or her role within the context of their particular time in office.

Add list of previous ICS Chairs

Masamichi Morooka (Japan)
Sypros M Polemis (Greece)
Rolf Westfal-Larsen (Norway)
Juan Kelly (UK)
Sir Brian Shaw (UK)