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The ICS Board

The ICS Board oversees the work of ICS and sets ICS policy and future direction. There are currently 30 directors, including a Chair and four Vice Chairs, and two executive directors. The roles of the Board and Committees are clearly defined in the ICS articles of association and rules.

Every full member association has the right to nominate a candidate from their membership to the ICS Board.

Board members are elected by the full members at an AGM for a 1 year term. The Chair and the Vice Chairs are elected by the full members at an AGM for 2 year terms. Board members and office bearers are eligible for re-election in accordance with the ICS rules.

Board members represent the leadership of the global shipping industry. They are willing to contribute their experience, expertise and knowledge to the work of ICS, provide guidance and direction to the organisation, and ultimately help ICS shape the future of shipping.

The ICS Board normally meets three times per year, including a meeting in conjunction with the AGM. The latest AGM took place in the Faroe Islands, (add link to news text).

Past AGMs

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