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Shaping the Future of Shipping – Seafarer 2050 Summit

The shipping industry is undergoing a massive transformation with the advent of new and sustainable fuels and increasing levels of digitalisation and automation. However, without a skilled, agile and well-trained work force, the transformation could be stifled and there is a risk that global trade could be impacted.

Such a critical transition for the shipping requires industry leaders to galvanise and engage key stakeholders. Seafarer 2050 will enable industry leaders to engage with representatives with national governments to chart a way forward and to define a programme of action with the necessary authority and resources to find long-term, tangible, pragmatic solutions to the issues raised.

Seafarer 2050 is supported by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) and will bring together government ministers, regulators, financiers, NGOs, shipowners, ship managers, charterers, industry leaders and technology and infrastructure providers to discuss the requirements for seafarers in 2050.

Attendance at the Summit is by invitation only to ICS, ITF and IMEC representatives, national shipping associations, government representatives and ministers, regulators, selected industry CEOs, policy makers, development banks, NGOs, representatives of civil society and invited experts.

Join us at the Seafarer 2050 Summit in Manila on Monday 26th June 2023 as the industry, government representatives and other key stakeholders start to shape these issues and seek answers.

What to expect

Shaping the Future of Shipping – Seafarer 2050 will consider:

  • The future skills requirements, education and training to deliver a skilled workforce and the environment in which seafarers of the future will operate.
  • The risks to shipping and global trade inherent in industry transformation and the investments and changes that will need to be made to ensure that sufficient numbers of skilled seafarers are available to fulfil the requirements of shipping in 2050.


Experience the Philippines

A full cultural programme is in place for delegates and their partners both before and after the International Day of the Seafarer Gala Dinner and the Summit. Attendees are warmly invited to arrive early for the dinner and Summit to experience the best the Philippines has to offer or to extend their visit once the Summit is over. Details of the cultural programme are available on the Filipino Shipowners’ website.


The venue

image credit –  The Conrad

The event will take place at the Conrad Manila Luxury Hotel, Philippines.

To book accommodation at the Summit hotel, The Conrad, Manila, please contact our dedicated room reservation executive, Gelo Calma at: [email protected]