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Seafarer 2050 – Partnerships

The Seafarer 2050 Summit will provide a platform on which the industry and governments can build a common vision for the future and develop a pathway to ensure the supply of suitably qualified seafarers for the industry and skilled employment for those countries that provide seafarers.

Now is the time for the shipping industry to layout its future requirements and to work with governments, NGOs and development banks to ensure it has the skilled personnel required to operate the ships of the future.

Much has been said about achieving a Just Transition and a key aim of the Summit will be to define what that means for all the stakeholders in the shipping industry, establishing what a Just Transition could look like and defining a plan to deliver it.

Summit partnerships are for organisations that want to be seen to take a lead in the transition of the shipping industry, who value the people at the heart of their business and who want to see a safe, sustainable and equitable transition for the industry.

In an event where the attendees are primarily shipping industry CEOs and other senior industry leaders, becoming a Summit partner sends a clear message regarding:

  • Making a commitment to be seen as an industry leader on the issue of the development of the next generation of seafarers;
  • Being an organisation that wants to commit the necessary resources to develop the industry and achieve a safe, sustainable and equitable transition for all those employed by the shipping industry;
  • Working collaboratively across the maritime sector and with governments to ensure that shipping has the skilled seafarers it requires and to deliver the industry goal of achieving a Just Transition.

Before the hard work takes place at the Summit, the Filipino Shipowners’ Association will host a Gala Dinner to celebrate the International Day of the Seafarer and the 13th Anniversary of the Manila Amendment to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). In addition to supporting the Summit, the partnership packages include participation at the Gala Dinner the evening before the Summit.

To become a Summit partner and for more details about the Gala Dinner please subscribe via;

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