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Flip the script: dancing with data

Data is playing an increasing role in efforts to streamline maritime operations, lower the use of fossil fuels and harness the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI).

7 February 2023 Article

Coal trade reshuffled amid energy crisis

Global coal trade patterns have confounded analysts in the past two years and are set to continue their turbulent evolution in 2023, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

6 February 2023 News

Caution around revised Chinese port crew change rules

Although the Chinese government has lifted restrictions on crew change, confusion about these changes abound - with some ports still enforcing the requirements imposed almost three years ago when the pandemic began.

2 February 2023 News

Maritime Anti-Piracy Bill passed by Indian Parliament

India’s recent passing of the Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill (2019) in December 2022 reassures shipowners and operators that countering maritime piracy in the region continues to be a high priority.

2 February 2023 News

Pankaj Khanna: Staying nimble amid growth and change

Since acquiring former tanker pool specialist Heidmar from TMS Group in November 2020, CEO Pankaj Khanna has grown the company’s commercial management business from six to nearly 60 vessels. He talks to ICS about what it takes to succeed and grow in an evolving shipping market.

23 January 2023 Article

LOF revamp gathering speed

The Lloyds Open Form (LOF) contract for vessel salvage is undergoing a major revamp in response to declining use by the maritime community.

14 December 2022 Article

Inspection challenges at Black Sea Grain Corridor

The Black Sea Grain Initiative (‘the Initiative’) was recently extended by 120 days to 18 March 2023 under the original conditions, after all parties reached agreement.

14 December 2022 Article