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ICS Maritime Barometer

Click the button to access the ICS Maritime Barometer Survey 2023-2024

The maritime sector is navigating an extended period of rapid change as it transitions towards a greener future, while contending with increased geopolitical instability. Many maritime stakeholders are actively looking to take greener pathways to stimulate growth in their sectors as they reclaim any lost ground, but ongoing uncertainty about the routes to more environmentally friendly operations make investment extremely risky, thereby slowing the pace of much-needed progress.

Make no mistake, shipping and maritime will be at the heart of many of the changes that the coming decade will bring, which is why it is imperative that we remain active participants in national and international discussions. Although our individual interests may
vary, mutual understanding and collective action to leverage capabilities are the keys to a better future not just for our sector, but other sectors – and indeed, the world as a whole.

The ICS Barometer survey, is designed to gather the strategic thoughts and views of maritime leaders across the world. The resulting information will help locate opportunities for collaboration, sense-check  perceptions against peers, and gain a clearer understanding of where  shared priorities lie on an international and national level.

The year-on-year findings can also help shape strategies when engaging with key stakeholders and leaders in government, providing data-led information on key impact factors for the global supply chain — making it possible to reach out to those beyond the traditional shipping communities and communicate, in one, unified voice, what the industry needs.

This year there is a special focus on reshoring, nearshoring, offshoring and friend shoring to assess ongoing changes to supply chain dynamics in different regions as response(s) to a variety of local and global events. These shifts in policy and trade relations within industries are likely to mirror and/or significantly impact national and regional trade relations — a vital factor for the industry to monitor.

You can find the ICS Maritime Barometer 2023-2024 survey here.